"Hm... Maybe it is because of the fact I have their blood in me, I can feel that weird feeling in my body..." - Eva

Character Information
Age: Unknown
Weapon: Whip Sword
Date of Birth July 4th
Height Unknown

Eva is the main villain in Zombie Hunters 2. She becomes a playable character after she's beaten in hard mode. She is a woman with green hair wrapped in a long ponytail. When Eva enters Blood Rampage, her hair turns silver. It is stated in Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad that Reiko took Eva's heart for the Baneful Blood. Just like Misery, she can use a "whip/chain-type" of weapon and both have smillar hairstyles. She is very loud when she attacks. Eva appears only in Zombie Hunters 2, but she is often mentioned in sequels.


  • Costume 1: Normal-Warrior
  • Costume 2: Suit